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Please browse my pages at your leisure. 'Products'  lists paintings or prints currently for sale. 'Work In Progress'  is where you can watch a piece of art, develop from planning,  to sketch painting, through the drafting of the piece, to the finished Work of Art.. When it is completed, thats when it becomes your
                                       "Moment in Time".
     Click on any of my images to enlarge the painting you view.
   And "Win an RMS Titanic print. 'Into Eternity'
In the painting. I think, the 'Thought Balloons' are          "Misty" - "Prepare to Pounce"!!!
and "Cleo" - "Don't Even Think About it"!! 
All you have to do. Is think up your own amusing caption. And e-mail it to IanTemple@Timeplaneart.com
I will choose from the 'Best 3 Suggestions' as Winners.. And they will be posted here on my Home page.         

                   MISTY & CLEO
MISTY: This Towns Not Big Enough For the Both of us!!"
Cleo: "And It's Not Me That's Going To Leave"!!!
Cleo: "What have you done with the fish"??
Cleo: "Play Misty For Me"!!!!!
Misty: "That Ear looks empty"
Cleo: "Kids who'd hav'em!!"
Misty: "Ooo a Scratching Post"
Cleo: "I Dare You"!!
Misty: "Checkmate"!!!
Cleo: "I Don't think so"!!
Cleo: "I do NOT want to play! It's Snooze time"!!
Misty: "Gosh I'm So Adorable"!
Cleo: "You've been In the Hall of Mirrors again"!!
Misty: "Smile Cleo nearly finished"!!.
Cleo: "Hope so i'm getting a sore bum" !
Misty: "Mirror-Mirror On the......."
Cleo: "SHUT IT"!!!
Misty: "You Wait Until I Grow up"!!
Cleo: "IF You Get There Kid"!!
Misty: "I'm going to be your worst Nightmare"
Cleo: "You'll have to catch me Cat Napping First"
Misty: Look at Me, I'm So Cute!!!
Cleo: Kid! You ain't gonner get old at this rate"!!!
Keep them Coming please!!! Closing Date 30th April.
                                                       14th April 1912
                                            IN STOCK NOW
                             "LIMITED EDITION PRINT"
         Price "Includes" - Postage and Packing.
             UK only. Will be only £4-00 each!
       All Overseas orders. Will be £9-00 each!
   Order yours now. Click on the Product Page!!
         Payments accepted by 'Paypal', Cheque,
        Postal order, or by Direct Bank Transfer!
         (Please make cheques and p/o's payable to "Ian Temple") 
                                           "DIGITAL SCAN PRINT"
    To a 'Limited Edition' of 100 Only!!!
     These will be be Numbered and signed Individually by me!
There will be a plain border around it, so you can frame them yourself..  Or I can arrange for yours to be framed at extra cost..  Please note that colours can vary in print runs! .
         Image Dimensions: 8.33 x 6.25 inches / 213 x 159 mms
        R.N.L.I. - "Saving Lives At Sea"      
              A 25% Donation  from Every Sale of this print.
Will be made to the "Royal National Lifeboat Institution"..
               Please place your order, on the Products page.
        My paintings are displayed, on a rotating basis. at:-
        "Pop Atelier" Art Gallery, in Winchester"
                         Sally will Greet you on arrival.  .
The paintings will be for view and sale. The Gallery is right by the Railway station at 44 Stockbridge Road,  SO237BZ.  http://pop-atelier.com/
                   Currently on View.
I have 'Into The Light', 'The Red Kite'.
       and 'Push-Pull To Lymington'
I Specialise in 'Watercolour' paintings. Of many themes..  From Railways, Aviation, Maritime, and Road transport.  Also, Cathedrals and Churches. With landscapes across
South Hampshire, East Dorset and West Sussex, being a focus point for my work, current or projected.
All of my works are 'exclusively' painted and finished using only the best Artists'  Watercolurs from 'Winsor & Newton'
With a choice of three 'Ranges', of painting sizes, and a choice of frames, for you to chose from.
Please see further details on my price list page. 
Do take your time and browse around my website and if you have any comments or questions,  do feel free to phone me for a chat. 
I look forward to your visit. To come over for a cup of tea and a biscuit. I'm sure you'll be happy working with me And we can discuss the details for your quotation.
             Introducing two new  ranges to my paintings
     These will give you the opportunity to select from a range of
                     'Value for money',  'Budget Priced' frames.
                              With a Single Border mount, and regular glass.
                Please see my 'Price list Page' for the cost of paintings in the -
                 "Imperial Range"or my "Regency Range".
Both of these will give you the opportunity, to have an original watercolour painting at a cost, that suits you..
            These will  also be available, alongside my other works in the
                                               "Majestic Range".
    With 'Natural wood frames', 'Double Mounts' and 'Non Refelective Glass'.
Check back again for more updates to the website.                 There's another 'Moment In Time' to come soon!
          All Images are Copyright (C) TIMEPLANE ART
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