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    The Mid Hants Railway
    Photos and views from 'Medstead and Four Marks Station
Saturday 31st March 2012.
Yes! Medstead & Four Marks! Really lived up to it's reputation,  of having it's own  'Unique'  Weather System!!   Just a week before, at the 'Spring Gala, It was Jackets off and Shirt Sleeve order!!.. A week later and, it was "Persishing Cold" to put it midly. With a North Easter, being channeled through the Cutting!! It were a Tad Bracing, Bye Eck!!!..
Never Fear!! Some Souls are Quite Hardy..As can be seen in the Appearance of the "Lesser Spotted Phil Harris! 
And some nice Spring Flowers on the Down Platform embankment. 

"It's a Porters Lot"!! The Stress, The Strain,  Departing of The Trains... I Wonder what's for tea tonight? Peter Cawte, in Deep Thought!!
Saturday 10th March 2012. 850 Lord Nelson
Passes through Light engine to Alton. Tokens about to be exchanged with Signalman 'Keith Brown' and John Coffin, on the platform.
Saturday 25th Feb 2012 Bulleid 'Flat Top' 34007 Wadebridge
Passes through on the 'Up', with the mornings lIght engine movement to Alton.. Paul Harris was signalman for the day, whilst Annette and Norman Day look on
Saturday 11th Feb 2012.  Stanier 'Black 5'. 45379.
"Just Passing Through". Runs Light Engine back to Ropley MPD, after the end of the days services.
Note the Setting Sun, reflected on the Smokebox door!!
It has already been suggested to me,. That I should Paint this one!!!
Nice Idea!!, thats on the Back Burner, for some Project work!!
From Sept 6th 2011. "HIGH FIVE" BR Standard 4-6-0, 73096.
Nearing the end of it's service. Due to the expiry of it's 10 year boiler ticket! Self Indulgence! This is a 'Favourite Photo' of mine
         Waiting to greet you our 'Station Master'.
                          Keith Brown
Our Station Foreman -  John Coffin
Heres me Ian Temple 
  Paul Nacmanson
Mike Neep
A lost waif for our
War on the Line event
Keeping our Flowerbeds, Shrubs and hanging baskets, looking great all year round..
"Annette Day"
"She Who Must Be Obeyed"
Annette,  also provides a welcoming smile at  the Refreshments counter on Gala Days..
Truly a  "Jane of All Trades"
Meanwhile, the "Wild Flowers" on the down platform side embankment, and the Topiary. are looked after by
"Norman Day".. Of whom it is 'alledged' makes a stunning 'Marble Cake'??
Apart from this Norman, tugs his forelock with a Yes Ma'am! To She who must be obeyed!!

Keith Brown, Ian Temple and one of our Guards, Chris Jones. Are deep in debate to discuss renaming the station to
Medstead &  6 point 5 Euros!
At the suggestion of Mr Jones!!
A welcoming smile from
Christopher Gallop
Peter Cawte
"The Thinker"!
                        Watch this space. More will be added in due course.
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