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Apologies for the lack of updates and progress on the works.. I've had some health problems which I've now come through and can get back to my work. Normal service is being resumed.. Thanks for your patience!

Welcome to my page where i'd like to take you through. The stages of producing a piece of artwork. From my 'Drafting and Drawing', Through to the Painting itself.  You can follow all of the different stages of the washes and the build up, of the components to the piece of work. Until you will see, the completed finished piece of Art.
                          HMS VANGUARD
                The Royal Navy's Last Battleship..

Here we are at Stage 3... I've taken it passed the initial wash.. And have progressed it to an unfinished sky and sea. What's coming together is the ship on patrol, in the Arctic Circle!. More details will come later!!!

Stage 2, Drafting complete.. I don't want to over detail the ship.. After all you are viewing it at quite a distance, to get this view. 

Here she is at Stage 1.. Initial drafting going in... On the artboard the Ship is coming off the board nicely.. This is most encouraging.


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